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[QUOTE=Petra1979;3546909]Hello all, I am new to this board and I have a question about my 2 year old daughter. Her first and second winter she barely had any colds/coughs, but this year, it seemed like she was constantly getting colds with terrible post-nasal drip and coughs, which would clear up for a week or two and then come back. Now it seems to be persisting into the spring, with mostly runny nose and sneezing. But she will go a week or two without any symptoms. She also has very slight eczema and had really bad reflux as a baby, which didn't resolve itself until a little after her first birthday. Does anyone have any experiences with this? Yesterday we went to the zoo and as soon as we got there, she started rubbing her eyes, they got all red and she was sneezing and her nose was runny. This has continued into today, but otherwise she seems fine, no fever, fatigue or appetite loss. I guess my biggest question is, would the symptoms go away for weeks at a time if she was allergic to dust mites or animals (we have a dog and a cat in our house)? Or would she have these symptoms all the time?

She has her 2 year check up on Monday so I will obviously ask the doctor, but I thought I would see if anyone had any similar experiences to share, or advice. I want to see the doctor armed with as much information as I can get so I don't just "accept" what she has to say. I have learned the hard way that doctors sometimes don't necessarily do what's best right away and sometimes they need you to push them. It helps when you know what you are talking about.

Anyway, thanks and I hope someone out there can shed a little light for me!


Hey Petra,
My name is Meghan and I have a going to be 3 year old son who i believe is a sufferer of alergies. I would like if when you go to the Dr. if you could let me know what they say about your daughter because all my sons doctor says is that they dont test for allergies anymore. when i was growing up we were tested for allergies so we knew what to stay away from. how are we supposed to know now? every time the seasons change my son gets the same way with the runny nose and caugh and he just gets miserable. now he has these red circles all around his eyes and i know the Dr. is just going to say its allergies...okay- but to what?!?! i know its easy to get frusterated but hey, if we can help eachother out, just imagine how armed we can be with those know it all doctors:) hope to hear from you soon!

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