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Hi Olivelove! Join the crowd. I don't want to speak too soon because only your doctor or allergist can tell you for sure if you are allergic to alcohol...but my guess is I am pretty sure you are. Anything you put in you that gives you hives, red skin, a sick feeling, vomiting, headache etc. is a pretty good indication that your body does NOT like the substance. I have always been allergic too it but have been in denial about it. Mine has been mild but that is because i only have a few sips and I start to feel ROTTON so I stop. I get dizzy,my face and chest gets red and warm and I feel like an elephant is standing on my chest. It gets REAL tight and hard to breathe. Then anxiety sets in. Ugh! No thanks!!!!! If I drink a wine cooler with malt liquor in it my stomach gets nauseated. And there are sulfates in wine. I believe it could be a preservative. Not good! At least for me. Count me out! I don't want to suffer. Just becareful! I wouldn't suggest continuing on with this and pushing the envelope. Listen to you body!! You only have one! Take good care of it and good luck!:angel:

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