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So i have been trying to drink for about 6 years, and it has never worked out. Some times its horrible and other times it is just not good. Results from me drinking can be anywhere from something as simple as throwing up even if i havent even had a whole drink, all the way to being so horribly dehydrated that i almost needed to go to the hospital, constantly throwing up, being dizzy, shivering and having swollen red blotches -- after two shots. It never gets better no matter how easy i take it. Ive even gotten a stomach ache and hive-like things on my face after taking some Nyquill which has the smallest trace of alcohol ever in it!! If anything my tolerance has gone down over the years. What can i do? Am i allergic? Can i build up an immunity? It takes such a toll on my social life because i can't even kick back with a couple of friends and have a few drinks -- i'm always worried. I'm not even 20 yet.

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