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Hi, I have been suffering from sinus issues for the past few years, but only now do i experience this awful pain and pressure behind my eyes, which is usually accompanied by a headache in my eye area, sore neck, dry cough and occasional nasal drip, along with ear discomfort, mild , pain and fullness. My phlegm can be yellow and something thick, but mostly not. I always feel a thickness in my throat as if i have all this phlegm inside it. I could live with that and many other symptoms, but THIS is horrible. The eye pain makes it impossible to concentrate or enjoy anything. It also gets itchy, very itchy in my eyes at times. This may be due to just plain allergies as im mildly allergic to my cats. I do not see signs of infection. Could it be a sinus infection spread to my eye area? It also hurts even in my mouth, jaw and ears. I think it's safe to say that my whole upper body suffers from some kind of pain and uncomfortableness, but notably my eyes, head and ears , always plugged or feel full. I feel like my head has been inflated with a balloon taking up my whole skull. An uncomfortable fullness. You know? Also, i forgot to mention that i sneeze at everything no matter where i go now. I'm SO sensitive to fabrics and dust and i've never been that way. My eyes will get really itchy and water badly alot of the time when i go into stores or houses. Humidity also aggravates the hell out of it and i live in FL. I;m ALWAYS sniffling when i go out, it's miserable. This happens year round.

I plan to see the doctor, but right now all i do is take advil and i'm planning on buying a Neti pot. ( for irrigation of the sinus canals ) Have you heard of them? I'm trying to find a safe spot to order one securely online, but i don't feel comfortable about the place i saw it on sale at. There is no httpS in the beginning of address OR a secure server icon at the bottom of the screen. Only signs all over the site claiming its secure, which you can easily lie about and just put up pictures of secure site emblems

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm so dirt poor from seeing doctors lately. I need to find natural remedies. I reallyw ant that Neti Pot.

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