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So I am about at my wit's end. For the last four years or so I've thought I had some sort of food allergy. It started in college when my stomach would hurt after eating at the dining commons, mostly pizza. I thought I had celiac disease because some of my relatives have it. I had an endoscopy done which came out negative. I also had a blood test done (IGg/IGa I believe.. it was so long ago) which was inconclusive, one was high and one was within range. Recently, a few months ago, I also had a regular blood panel done that showed everything is working fine (iron levels good, thyroid good, etc.) So I know I don't have nutrient deficiencies common with celiac.

Anyway, I've gone off wheat a few times, the longest being for two months (I know, I am weak). I did feel better but I was also hungry a lot, probably because when I cut out wheat I cut out a lot of my diet. One day the only meal I had had was something for lunch -- I don't remember what, but it did not have wheat in it. I went to a friend's house and had chips and salsa, and almost immediately into it, got horrible pain in my stomach, and bloating, much like I thought I would get after eating wheat.

Long story short (bet you wish I'd started with that) I started eating wheat again, but stayed away from pizza and pasta, and didn't have any problems until I decided to eat pizza one day and my throat got all scratchy and felt like it was closing up. I was scared. But of course I didn't learn, so I again ate pizza, and got the "salsa" feeling -- bloating and stomach pain that was only relieved with a bowel movement that came the morning after.

So, my diagnosis, I am allergic to tomatoes or something. The sauce in pizza, the salsa, pasta sauce (explaining why I get more symptoms when I eat pasta than when I eat a sandwich -- I don't usually get tomato on my sandwich).

As a side note, I have also been off milk (not all dairy, I sometimes eat cheese) for a month or so, in case I am lactose intolerant. I find it hard to digest ice cream :(

So yesterday, I had a granola bar for breakfast. For lunch, I ate at a japanese place near my work and had teriyaki chicken. When I got home, I had food I had thrown in the crock pot in the morning -- I know all the ingredients in it so it should be fine, right -- carrots, onions, chicken breast tenders (bought raw from the store), parsley, bouillion, salt and pepper, and water. That's it. Orange juice to drink.

It tasted fine, needed a little more salt but that's beside the point. This morning I woke up and my stomach wasn't feeling very well, I didn't have diarrhea but it was close.. loose stool? I don't know the technical term. Also my right leg has been achy/sore since I woke up, could be unrelated. And just a general "not feeling well" feeling.

Now I am very frustrated because I didn't know that bouillion has so much stuff in it including MSG and "contains milk" (butter oil? Not sure what this is and its the very last ingredient). And some stuff I can't pronounce. Was it the MSG, was it something else, I'm just fed up. I bought this stupid crock pot because I thought cooking for myself would make me feel better but I put the wrong stuff in it.

I'm sorry if this was a huge rant. I'm tired of explaining my symptoms and the whole history of my stomach issues so I probably left a bunch of stuff out.
What should I do? Should I have one of those pinprick allergy tests? Should I stop eating anything that tastes good? I'm just so frustrated.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips or words or advice, please let me know. Thank you:bouncing:

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