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I know that I mentioned this before, but the "lump in the throat" feeling you mention is one of the key symptoms of LPR (acid reflux) related post-nasal drip.

I too have chronic sinusitis (for more than a decade) but last summer I went through a brutal 6 month period when my PND was completely out of control, I also had a red, sore throat and fairly severe congestion - my ENT was mystified and the only thing that seemed to help was Sudafed (which reduced the swelling in my sinuses).

I went to a new allergist (for about the 5th time) to be re-tested and the tests came back negative for everything but a few obscure molds that aren't common where I live. The allergist asked me if I [I]ever[/I] had heartburn and when I told him "rarely" he literally said "aha".

He put me on Nexium - even though I insisted that I didn't have acid reflux - and a week later the PND, sore throat and congestion were gone.

When I went back to the allergist he explained that there is a form of acid reflux called LPR that can be an underlying cause or contributing factor to chronic sinusitis. LPR often shows none of the symptoms associated with traditional acid reflux and is commonly called "Silent Reflux" because its most common symptoms are a "lump in the throat" feeling (globus), post-nasal drip, and sore throat.

I know you mentioned earlier that you don't think your symptoms are acid reflux related but I think it might be worth reconsidering.

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