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i have been tested with patch test by occupationalm health as i work in a hospital
i found out am allergic to parfum,fragrances , balsm of peru, and rubber it is a accelerator used in rubber products that i am allergic to

work have now given me accelerator free gloves as i work on a ward in the nhs
bt recently i have had a reaction in my feet
they not sure what i reacting to! but it itches and cracks like dermatius
and recently it got infected i couldnt walk
dr said was cellulitus
i had couple week off work he put me on penicillin and well the next day
me feet were swollen my hand puffed and eyes puffed
aparently i was allergic to penicillin as a child and my mum forgot to tell me yrs ago when i left home at 19 i am now 47 omg
any ways my dr helped and gave me betnovate ect and aqueous cream and i had one week off sick and two week hol

i went back on night shift last night and half way through shift me feet were itching wierd me thought i not wearing me croc which dr wondered if me was allergic to
when i got home i wanted to scratch scratch and scratch bt it makes it worse cos it comes back quick the itch
me feet had swollen and skin looked very red and angry
the thing i did notice was me feet were hot and not sweaty but perspiring on the top of me feet
surely i cant be allergic to my own sweat!!!!!!!????
also i notice a top i had put on as had to work in theatre under me arms began to itch and had got a rash
help help beht
me allergic to stuff and now penicillin along with having ptsd and seizures which are not epilepsy
me fed up
i went back to work and done one shift and now in pain

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