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[QUOTE]I've been experiencing some very aggressive sinus issues for about 4 years. It all started after I received my first sinus infection when I moved to more northern climates (dry, winter air) after living in the south. The Sinus infection was pretty standard; very runny nose, yellow discharge, headache, nausea. It last a few weeks.[/QUOTE]

Let's switch jobs!! All of my problems started when I moved south away from the dry winter air, LOL.

Did you ever get treated (antibiotics) for the sinus infection? How about a CT scan or x-ray of the sinus?

Have you been to an ENT?

[QUOTE]He prespribed a nasal spray.. which opened my nasal passages but left me feeling light headed all the time. So I'll list out different things I've observed about this condition;[/QUOTE]

Do you recall what he prescribed you? Are you still using it?

[QUOTE]-I can only breath through one nostril at a time, one fairly open and the other practically shut. This is usually my right nostril that is open. Occasionally my left. If I exercise then both will open up but only for 30 minutes after I stop. This is probably some of the best breathing I can have. Then they will close.[/QUOTE]

Sounds like you still have a sinus infection to me. Although people will argue that green dishcarge is most likely the sign for a sinus infection. I have been told both colors, green and yellow, can be signs depending on the offending bacteria.

[QUOTE]-I can breath incredibly well through my nose in the shower, then it shuts again after I leave it.[/QUOTE]

Steamy showers are good for the sinus since you are in a dry area and probably have dry forced air to heat your home. A humidifier may help you as well but be sure to keep an eye on the filter. If it sits in water when not in use and it gets moldy, you will be blowing mold spores in the air and you will be even worse off.

You may also want to try to put some hot water in a pot and then put your head above it with a towel over you to trap the steam coming off the hot water and breath in and out. Also, there are machines that Vicks (the vapor rub people) make that do the same thing.

[QUOTE]-I can't breath through my nose laying on my left side. I have to lay on my right all the time. If I try to lay on my left I can feel the openings change/shift but it never goes all the way.[/QUOTE]

Do you have post nasal drip? Meaning do you wake up in the morning and notice your tongue is yellow? How about bad breath?

[QUOTE]-When I wake up in the morning I can usually blow a small amount of yellow discharge from the nose and then for the rest of the day it is clear. [/QUOTE]

Any green discharge or is it always yellow?

[QUOTE]-My sinuses are far worse in the fall/winter. I mean by worse I can hardly ever breath through my nose. I will typically have short bursts of time where I can breath through one nostril in the winter, but never that well. If I go out outside in the cold, it's at it's worst. Both nasal passages close up completely with a bit of discharge.[/QUOTE]

Sounds like dry air again as the air is dryer in your home in the winter from the furnace.

Have you tried saline spray for you nose? Works wonders for people. Also search the internet for the term "neti pot". You may find doing a saline sinus rinse with a neti pot the best thing you ever done. I would start doing it in the morning and at night.

[QUOTE]Sorry if this stuff sounds all too common; that's what I'm hoping to hear with some kind of recommendation for what to do. I'm tired of being a mouth breather all the time!![/QUOTE]

I would go get some saline nasal spray and start using it.

I would also get a net pot, you can find them at your local pharmacy these days. Sounds like you need to bring some moisture to your sinus ASAP.

Follow up with your doctor and ask for an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doctor referral.

I would seek out an allergist as well. Would not hurt to get tested. Sometimes people who don't have allergies find out they do when they move from one area of the country to another.

Could be indoor allergies or mold. Change your furnace filter often and use a high quality filter, your nose will thank you for it.

Exhaust all your options until you get to the bottom. Take control and manage you health problems, don't assume the doctors are doing it for you.

Also, have you tried any OTC drugs?

Hope this helps.

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