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In 2004, I took a large dose of Levaquin and ended up in physical therapy for six months--did you know that there is a "black box" warning on this drug because of dangerous side-effects?

It can cause tendon ruptures, peripheral neuropathy, vasculitis, and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff. Happened to me.

Oral antibiotics are not very effective against chronic sinus infections--try irrigation with a machine instead. Another option is nebulized antibiotics (but not Levaquin/Avelox/Cipro). Augmenton will work just fine.

I've taken Levaquin for 30 days a couple of times without any problems (it did help but didn't solve the problem permanently) but think you're right that it's just delaying the inevitable trip to the ENT, particularly because there's no way for your family doc to do an endoscopic exam to see why your infection hasn't cleared up.

Can you make an ENT appointment without the family doctor's referral? Based on everything you've shared, it doesn't sound your family doc is being all that helpful and you have a pretty serious history of sinus issues.

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