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Well I've had chronic hives and swelling of my lips, arms, hands, feet, neck, chronic cough for 1 1/2 years now. It went into remission for 1 month last Feb/March. I've had skin testing, all negative, testing for thyroid problems, tb. Negative...My allergist recently put me on Cyclosporine caplets. 1st month was 150MG once a day, didn't seem help. 2nd month 200MG a day, didn't seemhelp. Now I am on 300MG a day and have been hive free for 3 days, yesterday I had 1 hive and my lip kind of puffed up for a short time. I'm also diabetetic and it concerns me a great deal to be on this high of a dose. I had lab tests done the 2nd month, but my Dr hasn't ordered any more since he upped my dose again. I also take the generic Zyrtec 10MG twice a day. I am in complete and total misery, not just from the hives and swelling, but also all the meds making me so fatigued all the time on top of my usual fatigue. I already had depression/anxiety before all this started and this has only made it worse. I am thankful to have even a single day hive free, it has been every day constantly for the past 1 1/2 that I have had hives or swelling or both. I just want to find out what is causing this. I feel like my dr is off in la la land and just hoping this will go into remission on its own, but after reading and researching online till my eyes wanna pop I'm not that naive.
How do you guys cope?:(

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