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Frustrating Fix
Apr 17, 2009
I've had allergies all my life plus sinus problems. In 1999, I had a radical endoscopic sinus surgery with rhinoplasty. Things were so wonderful... for a few years.

Now, I'm finding myself with worsening allergies since we've moved back into the nation's worst city for them. Also, I am having periods where I feel like I've got a sinus infection like right now.

As I've gotten older, I've reached a point I can't tolerate antibiotics anymore. I have nausea, anxiety, you name it. Fact is, I have problems from side effects from many medications.

What would you do in my shoes to clear up an infection if it is that, and to improve your allergies? I take a medication that probably wouldn't agree with most of the herbal remedies out there.

I have an appointment to see my sinus Dr. (one who did the surgery) next week. What bugs me is the problematic side with the sinuses was always the left side. Now, after nearly ten years, it has again become the side that always feels more congested and gets messy sooner than the rt.

I used NeilMed Rinse yesterday, but felt some pain over my left eye for a few seconds after using it. Prior to this setback (?infection?), it had helped. It only provided minimal help this time. Also, I am having a hard time tasting. My sense of smell is fair right now.

I feel horrible, and didn't even want to get out of bed this a.m., just wanted to lie there and sleep round the clock.

Thanks for taking time to read and maybe comment.


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