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Posting a quick update!

Still considering surgery, but can't yet, as I am due in December with my 1st child. Sinuses got pretty bad at the beginning of my pregnancy, with the pregnancy rhinitis. Anyway, I want to know other peoples' stories, such as did septoplasty work or not. Now that I'm on insurance and can afford the surgery that isn't a problem, but I'm VERY afraid of the not being able to breath at all through the nose because at least now I can somewhat and I also have bad acid reflux which causes me to gag to the point of throwing up...obviously could be a hindrance to trying to breath out of the mouth only! So very concerned about that. My ENT said I might want to try taking a huge round of antibiotics (say 4 + weeks) before trying the surgery. I basically just have the deviated septum and swollen tissue which causes draining problems and a spur on one side of my nose. But that's it. The ENT I saw is supposed to be reputable...but I may get a 2nd opinion before just jumping into the very least another CT scan as mine was April of this year and ENT wants me back next may. I will have to wait longer than that to get the surgery due to using up all my sick leave at work, thinking December of next year since I get 2 weeks off for Christmas at work. But, I do wonder what others' stories are, if the septoplasty was worth it or not because I have heard some people get WORSE from surgery...and that scares me because I've already had 6 surgeries (not sinus related but still- one was for the reflux and obviously didnt' help!) and thats just too many times to be put under. Sinus would make 7. Actually, the C section to have my baby will make 7 . Ugg.

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