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My background:

-Suffered from allergies most of my life, meds worked relatively well until about 8-10 years ago.
-Over last 8-10 years, symptoms of post nasal drip, headaches, alot of mucus in morning.
-Did allergy shots for about a year and half, got off them because I was getting chronic sinus infections.
-July 2008 had sinus surgury, deviated septum, and FESS.
-Since the surgury been doing relatively well taking Veramyst and Astelin and doing Nasal rinse morning and night.
-I still have what I consider to be more than normal amount of mucus in the mornings and well as after I eat I usually have to blow my nose and hawk up a big wad of mucus (usually once or twice after eating).

The first week of April I woke up one morning after feeling perfectly fine and had an itchy throat and coughing up some green stuff, cough never got really bad and was more of an annoyance. Went to primary care and she thought it was viral but since it had been going for 10 days she put me on doxycyclene (sp?) for 7 days.

Everything cleared up, itchy throat went away and I felt fine for about another week and half then the same thing happened again, I woke up after feeling fine the day before and had the itchy throat and coughing up green mucus (only in the morning). About 10 days in again, and finally went to my ENT this time. He thinks I had a low grade infection and put me on another antibiotic Omnicef for 14 days. I am currently 4 days into the antibiotic, the first 3 days the green went away and I was feeling alot better however still had the itchy throat off and on, now on day 4 I seem to be feeling worse again, still no green stuff but itchy throat is driving me crazy.

I have tried in the past all the GERD meds, and my ENT doesn't think it's GERD related.

My daily medication regiment is.
-Morning - 1 nasal wash, 2 sprays/nostril Veramyst, 2 sprays/nostril Astelin, 5mg Lisinopril, and sometimes 2 advil (helps with the itchy throat and headaches)
-Evening - 1 nasal wash, 2 sprays/nostril Astelin

This itchy throat/cough stuff is going on a month and half with no end in site. If anyone out there can please give opinions of things to try I would sure appreciate it.


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