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Hi everyone,

I'm a 21 year old female. Yesterday I was going for a run in one of the local parks when suddenly my left eye became kind of itchy/felt like something was in it. So I touched it a bit and continued on. Then I started sneezing uncontrollably and my mouth/eyes became really itchy. I kept sneezing about every 10 seconds for about 15 minutes. I managed to make it home only to find that my upper face eyes/around eyes and cheeks had swelled up dramatically!!!
So I went to the emergency, waited a few hours. Doctor didn't run any tests but he said that he thinks 'a piece of pollen flew into my eye and caused the swelling'. He gave me Benadryl to take every 6-8 hours.

I have taken 3 doses so far but to be honest I don't think my condition is improving. My eyes/around the eyes are still VERY swollen. I haven't been sneezing but my mouth is still a bit itchy too.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? How long did it take for your swelling to go down? Could pollen cause such severe swelling? I am worried that maybe I got bitten by something or ate something that I am allergic to.

I haven't had allergy testing in a while, but I don't believe that I have any bad allergies. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

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