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PLEASE HELP! I know there are people out there who have to know what's going on with me.

I am a female, 52 years old, that has recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The reason for going to the doctor was fatigue and stiffness in my joints. My disease is not very advanced or active at this moment, for which I'm grateful, so the rheumatolgoist did not prescribe any meds right now. For years I have know that grains and sugars cause some aggravating symptoms like bloating, fatilgue, and headaches. They would come and go and frankly, I love grains and sugars, and probably tried to ignore these symptoms. Well, after getting my hormones checked and finding out that my blood sugar was also in the high range, my doctor told me to lose 20 lbs and avoid sugar and refined carbs. This I did - in one week, WOW! I felt great! No more stiffness, no more fatigue, nor more aches and pains! We had company over Labor Day weekend, and I fell back into some old eating patterns, and I suffered for it. I notice the affects almost immediately. Yesterday, I ate 3 cookies, and I was hurting after 1 hour and walking around like I was in a daze (like I had had a couple of glasses of wine). I mention this to my doctor and he looks at me with a puzzled look and kind of blows me off. Is there a certain kind of doctor that can confirm to me that I indeed do have a grain and sugar allergy and if so, what kind of grain? Or do I just have to keep a diary of everything and diagnose myself? I would love to think that I could clear up all of my problems with the way I eat - especially the RA. Anybody out there know of food allergies like mine? Is it gluten, wheat, or all grains? I really would like some knowledge about this!

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