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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Update...Since I posted my original question...the same day I got myself a cool mist humidifier(I live in an old house and never feel I can breathe right) also the vicks waterless vaporizer...zyrtec and sudafed and my prescription patanase(nose spray). I slept great the 1st night(finally) and did not use the Afrin. I'm blowing my nose and mucus is finally lettiing lose...both throat and nose. I actually have been on the Afrin for years on and off. I know I shouldn't be using it but it's a quick fix for me to breathe. I honestly think I have a deviated septom(sp?) in the right nostril only because this is the side that is always plugged no matter what. I'm taking the sudafed every 4-6 hours and zyrtec morning and night. So I'm contiplating on whether I should see a nose specialist also for this reason. I can breathe when I go downstairs (main floor) but when I go upstairs thats when I get all stuffed up. I'll stay on this routine until I can breathe totally without any of these crutches. I did use a nasal saline and I when I put it in the right nostril it drained my left no problem but when I put it in my left nostril to drain my right side it went right down my throat(and I choked) and really plugged my right ear which was in tremendous pain from this. This is why I feel I have a problem with the right nostril more so than anything. So I'm afraid of the nasal saline. The pain was alot. Just wanted to update you and see if you had any other suggestions or keep it up. Thanks for all your suggestions:wave:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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