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[QUOTE=mattg1021;4144114]I recently went for 3rd opinion on my ongoing allergy to dust mites that causes major ear pressure/pain. This doctor says that due to a deviated septum my nose can not properly drain nor can it drain into the throat because I have large tonsils. The mucus that is produced is thus pushing back into the ear tubes. Has anyone ever heard of this diagnosis? The doctor suggested doing an outpatient procedure for a deviated septum to improve drainage. I've never had any trauma to my face so I don't know who I got a deviated septum. Is this worth trying? Has anyone done this? Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Sounds painful but possible. Everyone usually has some degree of a deviated septum, typically being mild. Now if the deviation is severe, I'd try surgery. If the deviation is just mild, no I wouldn't bother. Sounds like you need something done though. A moderate to severe deviation can cause sleep apnea also.

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