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I am 27 years old, live in the UK and I've been suffering from facial swelling for more than 5 years. The swelling has appeared in my arms and legs as well. However the most commonly affected are my lips and eyes! I havent had almost any help from the doctors but I am very lucky to have a mother pharmacist who has been helping me a lot. My mother thinks that my problem is triggered by stress and of course sometimes food. I am allergic to tikka massala and other indian dishes who include colourings like red and ginger. In my case I've tried a lot of medicines. The worst experience was with Benadryl - my swelling lasted for 3 days instead of a one that it normally lasts for. I hardly reccomend to anyone to have these pills as they also make a person very drowsy. Because my allergy is stress related I also fight it with Valeriana ( between 3-5 tablets per day) with I tablet of Diosalin. It keeps me from swellingand makes my allergy calm down. I've discovered another to fight to fight the allergy is by diluting lemon juice (from real lemon) in still water (bottled water) and drinking throughout the day. In this way you are cleaning completely your system from possible causes of the allergy. All this is working but I would like to eliminate the allergy completely and not having it reappearing. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate and I would be very thankful.
If you are havng problems with red coloring, you could be having reactions on your lips and eyes from makeup - lipstick and eyeshadow - in shades of pink, red and purple. They do make benedryl without dye so you could try that or zyrtec (cetirizine there I believe) as it is often given for allergic reactions/rashes/etc though it does not act as fast as the benedryl. Hope you find relief.

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