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I have found out that i have dust and mold allergies. My eyes are always sore, and slightly swollen. I find that they are DRY.....not watery like most eye allergies tend to be. Does anyone else have dry eyes? I have just been put on Zaditor eye drops. I hope something works, because i haven't been feeling too well for over a year. Thanks :)
I have been to an allergist, and do have allergies to dust and mold. But this isn't the cause of my eye troubles. I have blepharitis, which they say is skin related. (Rosacea - which I had treated with IPL). Even though my rosacea is under control, my eyes still really hurt, and the lids are always swollen. I hope to get back to normal some day :)
Preservative free artificial tears can be used as often as you wish. They can help to wash out the allergens for people with dry eyes, as well as alleviate the dryness temporarily. I use Bion Tears. If your eyes are really red and swollen, using a cold compress can help immensely with the swelling, itching/burning, and redness.
I've had dry, red swollen eyes since about 2003 and have tried EVERYTHING...I found that Genteel eye drops and gel helped me more than any prescription eye drops. I've been to so many doctors and specialists with very little luck!
I do agree with the previous post about the flaxseed oil, it does provide some relief but, you have to be religious about taking it. I can recommend "Udo's oil", however the thing that has worked the best for me is juicing as I posted previously.
Carrots are great and I noticed relief within 2 days, my eyes are now WHITE and no pressure or swollen cornea that will pool over my lower lid when I move my eyes, no swollen achy eyes when I wake up in the morning!
I haven't used any eye drops in over 6 months!!!! ( I used them all day long before I started juicing about one bottle every 2 weeks).
I have a new lease on life!

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