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Allergy test will not help much because in most cases you may be allregic to things which are very common and are difficult to avoid furthermore majority of hives sufferers allergy test shows no allergies at all.
There is a fair possibility that your IgE ( antibodies) level are above normal which means higher level of histamines in your blood causing these problems.
So the question is why your body suddenly start to produce more histamines and causing unexplained allergies coming for nowhere.

Hives or Urticaria caused by excessive production of histamines inside our bodies.
Histamines are a natural response of our system and it means that our body is trying to communicate with us .It is actually a blessing in disguise as our body is trying to warn us and trying to get our attention asking us to make some modification in lifestyle so we can avoid more serious and deadly diseases such as cancers. If we keep ignoring these signals we maybe on our way to bigger health problems. Just suppressing the histamines by taking anti-histamines is not a good approach. You must understand why your body suddenly started to produce more histamines and causing these allergy symptoms.
In most cases of Chronic Urticaria or hives the cause is very simple " Chronic Dehydration".or in simple words “ Chronic shortage of Water inside a body", A groundbreaking research on this topic has done 20 years ago already by a great doctor Dr. F. Batmanghelidj and published in various medical journals but unfortunately this is not a money making deal for many government agencies as well as drug making companies so they rather not discuss about these findings. Imagine what money they are making if people just start curing themselves with plain water. It would be a nightmare for them but fortunately the cure for Hives is simple as it is.
Histamines are part of our immune system and they are responsible for various important tasks in a human body including fighting viruses and bacteria. The one most important task of histamines is water management and regulation inside our system .A human body has a very sophisticated water management system and almost every organ in our bodies needs water to work properly.
Remember 75% of a human body consist on water and needs a 2 quart of water daily to perform essential tasks inside our system. This amount of water is essential and every major organ, cell and tissue requires water to function properly, The water we lose through urine, sweating , breathing, skin etc should be replenished and replaced on daily basis. A stable immune system is highly dependable on fully hydrated cells. When the cells are dehydrated your immune system goes haywire and set a perfect stage for diseases, secondly our bodies have a natural detoxification system which will not work properly or entirely without enough water and this will cause all kind of allergies and diseases including cancers.Imagine flushing a toilet with insufficient amount of water it wouldn't work. Same applies to a human body.

Due to modern age lifestyle, Alcohol( major factor) excessive amount of caffeine and other dehydrating foods and liquids used in our daily lives causes a severe drought inside our bodies. This is called " Chronic Cellular Dehydration", When body does not have enough supply of water naturally it releases these histamines to deal with water shortage and you get those hives as well as weird and unexplainable allergies as a result. In medical language it is called “idiopathic" by some idiots.
None of any health problem is idiopathic almost all of the modern age disease are caused by some reasons and mostly is chronic dehydration.

In a significant majority of patients a heartburn or other stomach ailments can be an initial sign of chronic dehydration and in most cases Urticaria is accompanied by gastrointestinal problems. Acid reflux occurs when stomach does not have enough water to break down the food so it produces more and more acid to dissolve food.This is another topic and i will not go into details here.
Just remember taking antacid or PPI ( proton pump inhibitors ) is the worst thing you can do to your body.Try to avoid them as much as possible.

Here is the simple cure for Hives and other chronic ailments.

1. Start the process of rehydrating your body with 8 glasses of pure water per day ( two glasses of water every 3 hrs).
Water is natural “antihistamine”. When your body has enough amount of water it will stop releasing excessive amount of histamines which means no hives.
Juices or any other beverages do not count as water, Use ONLY PLAIN WATER,

2. Stop alcohol, caffeine and sodas. they dehydrate your body . Rehydrating process will not work if you do not eradicate alcohol completely as [COLOR="Red"][B]alcohol not only dehydrates but also suppress your immune system [/B][/COLOR]even in very low quantity,
Decrease the intake of caffeine to lowest or eliminate from your diet at all.

3. Use some salt( preferably unrefined sea salt), pinch for a glass or 3 grams for 10 glasses of water.( if you have a blood pressure talk to your doctor before adding the salt to the water).
When you start drinking more water you have more urine output that is why salt is important with more water intake so your body does not get depleted by essential minerals and sodium.
If possible get a good quality mineral supplement and take it on daily basis.

Remember your body is dehydrated for years so hydration is not possible in a day or two, Do not rush and Do not overdo it, Go slowly, be patient and persistent, it will take few weeks or so to fully hydrate however you will start to feel the effects in two weeks or so and will be free of hives and allergies completely in 4-8 weeks time plus your body will get rid of toxins and your overall health will improve with fresh and glowing skin.
Give it a try and you have nothing to lose.

For any kind of persistent infections or colds you may try Oil of Oregano. it works wonders.It kills a good variety of bacterias and viruses, Should be of good quality and brand though.
You may use upto 2 drops in water 3 times per day it will resolve your ear and throat problem in a few days or weeks.
Quercetin is a very good supplement works as a natural anti-histamine without any side effects and also helps with overall health.

Hope this will help.

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