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About 8 years ago I got so very sick that I was forced to retire teaching after 29 years on the job. It was early and cost me substantially. My main symptoms, incredible fatigue that had me in bed every hour not on the job, body aches in the core of my body. Very much like flu symptoms.

After visiting every specialist one can think of the only problem that was discovered--seasonal allergies. ???? How can this be? All the doctors said this could not be the cause. I have had allergies since a child and even received shots until about age 17. I still sneezed and had some minor symptoms but nothing very serious. However, I decided to start the shots again. What did I have to lose?

This part is a bit unbelievable and my allergist thought I was crazy when I told her. Before starting shots one must naturally be tested with a small bit of the suspected allergen. I had this completed and went to visit mom and dad when something very surprising happened. The body aches that I have been living with for over a decade seemed to decrease in intensity to a point that was almost bearable. I was delighted and was positive there was a relationship between the testing and feeling better. So I continued the shots and my health improved slowly over the years until last year when I was able to start my walking again. However, the body pain did not cease completely and I still need to take a pain med or two on most days but for the most part my health improved every year and the extreme fatigue is under control so that life is worth living again...until this tree pollen season.

I have progressed to getting my shots (two of them) once every three weeks. This is the next to last step, next is once a month. Tree pollen came early this year where I live and my reaction was bad. Fatigue is back and body aches too. I am sure it is because of the time between shots. Don't get me wrong, I am not as bad as before the shots but this is a set back after progressing every year and it has me upset. (please excuse grammar too tired to even care about it and correct it)

My purpose in this post was to assure people that might be in a similar situation that it could very well be allergies so get tested and start shots. If like me your life might turn around.

Gee, I wish they allowed pm's because a lady about 5 years ago started a thread like this but it is now closed and I would like to speak to her about it.

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