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Greetings to all of you,

I have this problem, been on for 1 month already and is causing multiple psychological effect on myself. It all started off when I took a mattress out of my storeroom and slept on it . The next hour, i could feel tingly feeling on various(random) spots on my legs. At that point I told myself its maybe some stubborn mosquito or whatever insects biting. It persisted throughout the night for almost 3 hours when i finally get the hell out from that bed and switched to another mattress(this is a clean one). To my horror, I could feel exactly the similar sensation to that before and i even move to my neighbour's bed. Same stuffs did happen and i didnt get to sleep that night. I knew at that point that, I have contracted some bed bugs from the old matress. I did some research and it may be caused by dust mites infestation. Then I went to a clinic and were prescribed with antihistamine tablets and calamine lotion. On the second night, I applied the lotion but to no avail. The intensity of these 'pricky' feelings on my feet got much more worse. It kept me awake the whole night with anxiety thinking what the hell are these 'invisible bugs' doing on me. I have taken this predicament seriously after that because this is my first in my life staying awake for 2 days straight. Not to mention i got major examination taking place early in the morning.

The sensation spreaded to regions of my scrotum and anus. Ive checked the net and learnt that dust mites loves to dwell in places rich with moist and warmth, just as expected. This feeling goes on all the time AS LONG i start to relax myself. eg, sit on the sofa , lying down on bed before sleeping, sitting down on a chair. etc etc... They dont causes itch that requires me scratching. Its just a 'crawly' , 'tingling', 'pricky' invisible bugs on ur skin which keepts me awake all time. It is like taking a strand of hair and contact its tip with your skin. Basically this is how it feels, and it happens all over my damm balls and ass. No visual rashes or spots or whatever could be witnessed.

I visited a skin specialist this time. He gave me an anti-allergy shot, anti histamine tablets and an allergy medicine(?), with another brand of itch lotion. The next three or four days were ok, I could get at least 5 hours of sleep. Then a week after im back to square one. The damm feeling on my legs started again. And im very relying on sleeping pills to sleep DAILY and i wouldnt want this for my entire life.

I did more research on dust mites. Their symptoms for allergic reactions were mainly sneezing, asthma, wheezing, muscus, red spots etc etc and I was afflicted to NONE of these. So what i might thought is theres some funny species of parasite infested my body and caused some allergic reaction which most doctors would think is dust mites since the source is matress.. Im not born in a rich family and wouldnt want to waste money on hopeless diagnosis. Its better off if i could get some help from the community.

Thanks for listening, Thank you :)

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