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Well Suz and others it is allergies.
I know it sounds CRAZY but it is. I took the time to sign up for this board so I can get the word out because there is an amazing LACK of information on this form of allergic reaction.

Here is how it feels:

Like your skin is all the hair on your arms are getting up and dancing. Like the inside of your eyes and ears are itching like mad. As if you are getting sporadic itching here, there and everywhere and when it is really intense, the itching almost hurts. The first few days, if you are LUCKY, you can sleep through the night but as it gets worse, sleep is elusive.

I found an allergist that said this to me about 3 years ago: Ya know, 5 years ago, if you had come to me with these symptoms (I get no rash or hives), I would have told you politely that you were crazy and need to see a psychiatrist (after running panel after panel on the liver, kidneys and so forth and determined it wasn't some other medical reason). Allergists are now understanding that this is a REAL allergic reaction some of us get with rarely any other symptoms (I get a mildly weeping nose and the end of my nose may itch mildly but that is it for the rhino symptoms).

I did the allergy panels and I am very allergic to many things in my area (I'd move if my husband would come with me). I did the allergy shots for 3 years and it was heavenly bliss and then towards the end of my treatment, I started itching again. I asked the allergist to run the allergy panels again, HOPING I had just developed a new allergy he could treat and NOPE, no such luck, it was just that the shots had worn off, stopped working for me. He then tried every allergy drug under the sun and some in combinations and I was a walking zombie who was very itchy, bitchy and so uncomfortable that I was often mean.

I then begged for prednisone, he was hesitant but finally agreed that my quality of life was non-existent (and I was going to lose my job trying to exist this way). When the allergy season hits, I take low dose prednisone, it is the only thing that works to make it all quite bearable. I don't know of any other two "cures" for this condition. After the allergy shots stop working, it is prednisone. If I moved, I would be a lot better off because many of the things I am allergic to don't exist in other areas of the country.

I never had allergies before moving to this town (been here 15 years now). Sure, it sounds silly to blame it on the town I live in but when I asked my allergist why he chose to practice in my little town he said that it had far more allergens than places like Phoenix and/or Las Vegas (two big cities near us) and since he was/is the only allergist in town, he is doing a BOOMING business.

Had to share for those who are suffering out there and not finding any answers. I was lucky to have an allergist that saw the results of my allergy tests and said LET'S START YOU ON ALLERGY SHOTS. I was also lucky that the shots worked for me (they don't for everyone). Since my allergies are seasonal, I don't take prednisone that often...hadn't touched the stuff since last May but the spring is horrible for me and depending on what is blooming, I suffer.

I just ordered an Electrolux Air purifier for the home as I've never done anything like that before and I am hoping in a few weeks to have another layer of relief. I figure it has got to help to some extent right? We'll see :)

If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to help where I can with information.

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