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I've read varying reports on the Internet.

From my personal experience and those of my kids, I say you definitely can. The scenarios are the same. In all cases, a major allergy attack hits starting with itchy burning eyes, lots of sneezing. In a few hours or a day it turns more cold like, but i think still allergies, with sore throat, a feeling weak. In three cases where I or my kids have experienced this, we get a fever of up to 101 for a very short period of time, not more than a few hours. The fever then disappears with nasal congestion continuing, but otherwise not clearly sick, rather more like an allergy attack.

Having seen this scenario played out at least three times and in all cases clearly from an allergic cause, it seems clear to me that allergies can cause short duration fevers. I hadn't questioned it, i had assumed it's the common understanding.

Now I'm trying to talk with allergists about my kids allergies and they tell me that there's no way that you can get a fever from allergies. The allergist today then proceeded to ignore everything i had said regarding two years of history trying to figure out what they're allergic to because according to her, if there was a fever it must have been an infection and not an allergy.

Is there any studies supporting the possibility of allergies causing fevers? Or is all my allergy history in doubt.

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