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25 years old
Last weigh-in 184 (but I am sure it is much less than that now)

It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs these past 5 months. It is now at the point of being unbearable. I had an earlier thread about some on-going issues that I had when I first got sick, but I decided to start a new thread because these are completely different symptoms. If a mod thinks I should add this to my other post I will.


[b]May 8th, 2010[/b]--Get sick with some sort of stomach 'bug.' It passed and developed into a horrible sinus/ear infection. I couldn't get proper medication because I did not have any insurance (thanks HR). I went to an Urgent Care center twice and on the second time received a Z-Pack which ended up being a horrible experience. It made me feel a little bit better but was still horribly sick.

[b]June 2nd, 2010[/b]--Finally get to go to an internal doctor and explain everything that has happened thus far. Symptoms at this point include fatigue, ear pain, malaise, runny nose and heart palpitations (this was probably from the OTC Tylenol-Flu and Allergy meds I was taking). He diagnosed me with a serious ear infection and sinus infection and prescribes me 10 days of amoxicillin 875mg and Flonase. Also, an ECG and heart monitor are ordered to make sure that my heart is okay. Also, a generic blood panel was ordered.

[b]6/22/2010[/b] ECG is performed, blood results come back normal (no more signs of infection yet I still feel like utter shit), and my heart monitor test came back perfect. At this point, I started to notice my jaw hurting a bit more and pain radiating from the back of my mouth and my ears were hurting yet again.

[b]6/26/2010[/b] Go to the dentist for jaw pain. Turns out all of my wisdom teeth are popping out at once and need to be removed. This would explain the jaw pain, fatigue, trouble chewing etc., I make an appointment for August 6th to have them removed (this was the earliest I could get it done). Also was checked for cancer in the mouth just to make sure it was clean--it was. Before I got sick, I would smoke the pipe or hookah, but not very often at all so I was not worried but let me tell you, being sick for so long I was worried about everything.

At this point, symptoms include extreme fatigue, slight nausea, headaches, jaw pain, heart rate was slowly going back to normal (for me at least), and just in a constant "dream-like" state. I was also starting lose motivation and just constantly 'blah' about everything--although I never was particularly sad about anything.

A lot of people told me that since the teeth were coming in, they can screw around with the sinuses and give you that feeling. My sinuses at this point were raging and in pain again.

[b]7/9/2010[/b] Follow up appointment with my internal doctor. I explain what the dentist had told me and he went over the results of my ECG and heart monitor. I also explained to him my symptoms and we discussed depression and how it can make you feel. He prescribed Wellbutrin (and I got the generic of it) but said to wait and take it after I got my teeth out to see if there was any difference in how I felt.

[b]8/6/2010[/b] I finally get my wisdom teeth taken out. The process was simple and I was awake for the entire process. I was given amoxicillin again to make sure nothing got infected and I actually started to feel like myself again. I was starting to sleep correctly, had energy, the pain that was coming from my ears and sinuses were literally gone--minus the pain from the surgery of course.

Then, just when I though I was getting better, it got worse. Constant head pressure/pain, head pounding, ear pain, sinuses hurting, extreme fatigue, not wanting to get out of bed everything like before except much worse. At this point, I am having exceptional trouble sleeping and staying asleep. The good thing is that my heart is not racing a mile a minute anymore.

[b]9/4/2010[/b] I see an ENT who is a good friend of the family and has treated my father, sister and brother who have had sinus problems. I explain to him the story that I like to call "Summer of Hell" and he checks me over: Right ear looks great no fluid. Left ear is red and slightly inflamed. Looks up my nose and there is a sign of an infection again. He looks up my nose with a scope and sees that it is heavily inflamed--chronic sinusitis. Absolutely wonderful. He also checked my balance which he said was perfect and excluding the inflammation, my ears looked great as well as my throat.

He put me on 21 days of 875mg of amoxicillin which thankfully I took with acidophilus this time around to make sure I didn't develop any yeast problems. He also gave me a steroid for 6 days to reduce the inflammation and pain which helped but is now back again. He also gave me a nose spray (Nasonex) which had the same effect on me as the Flonase did back in July--more insomnia, extreme dry mouth and a bloody nose.

As for blood work, he ordered another CBC, thyroid, vestibular dysfunction, Lyme disease, and a full allergy test (blood only). All came back fine except for the allergy test. I am very thankful I do not have Lyme or anything else wrong in regards to those blood tests. I also got a CT Scan of my sinuses and it showed an infection and heavy inflammation. No polyps, tumors or growths had shown up.

I am going back this Saturday--[b]10/02/2010[/b] for a follow up because of the results of my allergy test. I will attach the images below with the results. I had no idea I had allergies and I have a feeling that my job and where I work is the cause of it. I sit in an old factory building doing IT work. I also am thinking that my job is a factor in how I am feeling motivationally--but I will save that for another thread.

But I digress, I have been researching allergies and the effects it can have on your body and it seems that I hit every category with them. My question to all of you: have any of you experienced this before with allergies? I am hoping that once they are in-line and under control that I will start to feel better.

Current symptoms: extreme fatigue, pain behind ears, upper teeth, sinus pressure and pain ranging from behind my eyes, back of my head and on top of my head, not sleeping well at all--I have a tough time falling asleep and I wake up very frequently even when I take melatonin, nose is stuffy but nothing really comes out when I blow my nose or when I do a steam-pot/saline spray and just overall horrible and sometimes slight anxiety. I have also noticed that my hair has gotten thinner since I took those meds and little hairs are falling out very very frequently as opposed to about a month ago. It could be just me being paranoid. I also noticed that my concentration has gone down tremendously because I am so tired and no matter how much I sleep it is never refreshing. I noticed that I have had to correct words a bit more frequently.

I am really at a breaking point and it has come down to allergies, my job or depression or a combination of all three. I have yet to take the anti-depressants because I want to rule everything else out first. And as for my job, I am hoping it changes very soon.

I am slowly making the connection that I did not start feeling this way until I started working here which was in the beginning of February.

Thank you for taking the time to read and all the advice you have.

P.S. I live in Jersey City, NJ.

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