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I've had cronic sinus infections since high school. 10 years ago, I had an allergy panel done and a scan of my sinuses. The doctors at the time told me i was allergic to dog dander and that was it.

My immune system is incredibly touchy. I get sick very easily with either, bronchitis or sinusitis. I've even had strep throat twice within 2 months. When I get sick it often lasts for at least a month. I've gotten blood tests done for immune disorders, as well as thyroid problems. Everything always comes out clean, except a minor iron deficiency when I was vegetarian.
in the last several years my sinuses have gotten worse. If they aren't throbbing, then my nose is leaking. There is no dry period except when my nose is to stuffed up to blow. I have currently had the same sinus 'infection' since July. The sinus pressure gets a little better and my nose starts running, then it clogs up again. I've been to the doctor at least 6-7 times this year for it. The last time i went, the doc said she thought i wasn't actually getting bacterial infections, it was more the case that my sinuses were inflamed.
they've given me several different nasal sprays as well as antibiotics. nothing has helped.

Last year i decided to go gluten-free just to try it. I found after a month or so, my sinuses felt better than they had been in years. I wen't back to eating wheat and slowly my sinuses have gotten worse and worse. I quit eating what again and haven't eaten it for several weeks now. I'm thinking i may be allergic to dairy too and who knows what else. When I eat wheat it makes my stomach hurt too, so I'm pretty positive thats part of the problem.

My sinuses are absolutely killing me! I cannot remember what it felt like to not have sinus pressure. I haven't had a good nights sleep in months. I'm about ready to drill a hole in the side of my face. I've tried benadryll, claritin, zyrtec, mucinex. I can use the netti pot because it wont go through.

so I guess i have a few questions.
Can allergies develop over time with age and get worse? Or is it because I was allergic to dairy and wheat all a long and eating it over years has made my health and the allergies worse?

I've always had problems with milk and ice cream, but cheese and yogurt used to be fine. Now those make my nose, head and stomach hurt as well.
Is the dairy allergy getting worse too?

I'm 28 and I'm constantly sick and tired. I'm thin and active and i eat really well. I'm at whits end here and I currently am with out health insurance like so many americans.

I welcome any advice, stories, or information.


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