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I am allergic to cats too but have 3(down from 6). I get allergy shots. It really helps to bring the overall allergic reaction down. You can take Zyrtec for the allergic symptoms but it can make you drowsy. An allergist can order Xyzal which is as strong but it isn't supposed to make you drowsy. Both are 24 hour anti-histamines. Try over the counter eye drops for allergies for the itchy eyes.

But really, if you want a cat in the house, get the allergy shots. Drugs work just so well and can interfere with other meds. By getting the shots, you raise your tolerance instead of drugging yourself down. Allergists are used to this....they won't deny the shots because you chose to have a cat knowing you are allergic.

And it's not the fur you are allergic to but the saliva. Cats clean themselves by licking and the dried saliva falls off and that is the allergen. The saliva isn't on the cat for falls off as they walk around, play and scratch. Washing the cat only serves to make the cat lick more. It can also give them very dry skin and then they lick that. Why people think washing cats helps, I don't know but everyone says...wash the cat. It only serves to make the cat lick even more and you end up with a bigger problem. If you want to do anything, take a large towel and get it wet with warm to hot water(no soap or shampoo of any kind) bath temperature, wring it out really well and then give the cat a good rub down...make it fun and gentle. That removes the saliva on the fur(and onto the towel and not your floor) without drying out the skin. I have one that runs out in the rain deliberately so that when he comes in, he gets good fluff dry with a big towel. Serves the same purpose.....gets off the saliva but doesn't get his skin wet. And then he runs back out so we can do it all over again in 15 minutes. All "cat towels" get washed/dried together and stay separate from all human wash.

It is much easier on everyone for you to get allergy shots. It's your problem, not the cats. Use an air cleaner and keep the humidity at a good level and I hope it is a short haired cat...less to keep clean so less licking. Change your pillow case regularly in case any allergen ends up on it or keep your bedroom door closed to the cat. Often having one room that is allergen free helps a lot.

I just went through another round of shots to reinforce the ones I had years ago and I've gone from someone who couldn't get near a cat to someone who sleeps with them. They work better than anything else.

Good luck.
If you are highly allergic to pets, and do not already own an animal, remain pet free.

If you own an animal, keep a room of your home as a "pet free zone." The best room for this is the place where you sleep, as the mattress, pillows and blankets are easy targets for harboring massive amounts of pet dander.

Pets that do not cause allergies are nonexistent. That said, shorter-haired animals shed more, and collect less dander. If you do want to own a pet, think about adopting one with shorter hair and less drooling.

Buy a good, earth-friendly air purifier to clear your indoor air of dander.

Clean your pet's bed or area while wearing a mask.

Shampoo upholstery often

Try to play with pets outside. Playing with pets stirs up a lot of dander, so it is better to have it in the outside air than in your home.

Always place clothing worn while cuddling with your pet in a laundry hamper, outside of the bedroom. This will avoid the dander infiltrating your bedding.

Dust with a wet cloth. Never dry-dust as it only serves to stir up the dander and increase your chances of breathing it in.

Cover your pillows and mattresses with dander-impermeable coverings.

Dander accumulates in drapes, curtains, rugs and carpets. Avoid using them, or clean them regularly with hot water and soap to remove accumulated dander.

Wash bedding often. Use an all-natural laundry detergent and very hot water. Avoid harmful, chemical laden washing products.

Wash your pet(s) regularly.

Keep pet excrement far from the main airways of your home. If you have a litter box, make sure to keep it covered, and buy a good filtered box to diffuse odor and bacteria.

Try using a HEPA vacuum cleaner to clean your home of dander.

Change the heating and air filters in your home a minimum of every other month. If you do not own a pet, change the filters three or four times a year.

If you are allergic to pet dander but still want an animal friend, buy a reptile or a fish. They do not cause allergies because they shed scales, not dander.

Before buying or renting a house or apartment, check with your landlord or real estate agent to find out if the previous owner/renters had pets. Clean well before moving in.

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