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I often have a sudden onset of sneezing, itchy throat, roof of mouth and sneezing. There is NO rhyme or reason. It's indoors, outdoors, cold, warm humid animals, no animals. I have noticed the onset of these symptoms when I have a suddenly stressful moment, phone call etc. Can stress bring on this type of allergy attack? I have been tested-nothing but dust mites and "atmospheric" allergies, no shots recommended. I can't get the benadryl in me fast enough when this happens. What to do?????????????

Well, dust mites are everywhere. And stress can affect the immune system. By atmospheric allergies do you mean pollen? Because dust plus pollens would generally be enough allergies to make getting shots worthwhile.

I've seen it several times in myself, that I'm being exposed to something I'm allergic to, but getting only mild, barely noticeable allergy symptoms. Then suddenly a switch is thrown, either exposure passes some invisible threshold or my body changes a bit, and I'll be sneezing so hard I can barely talk, or one patch of itchy skin is spreading like a fire over my whole body. It's generally NOT as sudden as you describe, but it can happen.
I know my symptoms sound strange, but most allergy sufferers have a different take on what happens to them. I am not bothered by congestion or headaches like some. While my allergist didn't think shots were necessary, they wanted me to start a nasal spray therapy. Not sure if that would help-I am pretty sure I read something about nasal sprays in a negative way.

Thanks for the reply :)
No, they don't sound strange. It's just that what they show on TV is what everyone thinks of as allergies. Just a thought on the itchy mouth thing, had you eaten raw fruit - such as peach or apple or something? There is a thing called OAS - oral allergy syndrome. Or it could just be regular allergies. I'd try the spray or just take a zyrtec or claritin and see if that helps.

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