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I know I'm allergic to sulfa and surely sulfur too. I think I'm allergic to all things sulf....ite/fate/etc. to be honest.

I told my GI doctor that I'm allergic to sulfa the other day. He prescribed Prilosec for my stomach issues. Within a day of starting the prilosec, I started breaking out all over my face, head, and upper body in these welt-size boil like acne sores that are extremely painful. I mean HORRIBLY painful and they burn. My skin is burning all over my body too. Then this morning, I just got this impossible to breath feeling and had to use my rescue inhaler, which I've never had to do in such an emergency like way before. My skin is crawling, burning, and itching all over, if that makes sense.

Well, I decided to take a benadryl this afternoon in hopes it would help the itching and then figured I'd type sulfa and prilosec into google to see if it came up. Sure enough, it's sulfa based. I'm so ticked!!

If I shower with any soaps that have sodium sulfate, my skin burns and itches after my shower for a while.

If I use hair products with it in them, my scalp breaks out in horrible sores that burn.

I can't even wear earrings anymore because I'm so sensitive! Even my pure gold ones, which is weird.

Anyway, he also prescribed Bentyl (dicycledine) and I'm having a hard time finding out if that has sulfa or sulfur in it.

I'm stopping the prilosec for sure and when I find out about the bentyl, I'll stop that too if it is sulfa based.

I'm on a whole slew of meds and I have trusted my doctors to keep up with my sulfa allergies, but now I'm worried if that is why I'm always having issues with memory, feeling dizzy, not feeling well. I'm going to have to find out what else is sulfa based.

I also have a bad reaction to alcohol. Like after a few sips, I get flushed and feel hot all over. It doesn't matter what it is. It can be a wine cooler, rum, wine, etc. I always get like that. I don't drink anyway, but I think I'm allergic to something in the alcohol, but just read somewhere that there are sulfites in alcohol?

If I'm this sensitive to sulfa/sulfates/sulfites/sulfur, who would be able to test me to find out if there is something I need to be very careful of? Could this be what is causing my health issues? I have a lot of vitamin deficiencies and anemia they cannot find the cause of.

Thanks so much!!
I only checked because I have had similar reactions like this to Bactrim and Keflex. Both of which were also given to me by doctors who knew I am allergic to sulfa meds.

Anyone else get these horrible sores/boils on their face or body? I mean, they hurt so very bad.

Should I call my doctor? Or just stop the meds? I'm pretty mad right now. Is there a place to find a list of meds that contain sulfa, sulfur, sulfates, and sulfites?

Also, is there certain foods that would be best to avoid? I'm thinking this could be what is causing so much turmoil throughout my body right now. It's debilitating. Especially my intestines. And I can't afford that as I had gastric bypass surgery!!

I'm still very short of breath, so not sure what else I need to watch for.

I also take Effexor generic, Topamax generic, Adderall, Calcium Citrate with D, a prescription strength vitamin D2, I give myself weekly vitamin B12 shots, and also my multivitamin and iron pills, which are carbonyl iron. Ugh, I'm so upset about this! I almost feel I need an antibiotic for my face and head, but afraid it would contain sulfa!
No, there is no place to find a list but, to the best of my knowledge, all drugs which contain these substances state so on the info sheet and most will say not to take if allergic to sulfa. I'm allergic to sulfa drugs but don't have problems with sulfites, etc and usually not drugs which have the caution...though my problem is digestive and usually goes away over time. For instance, I can't take Celebrex but I can take Diovan - and both say not to take if allergic to sulfa drugs. It's just trial and error for me.

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