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Sorry to hear about your son having so many allergy problems. A couple of things come to mind right off. First is that, while he may not have changed laundry soap, soap, shampoo, cleaning products, etc. it's possible that the formula has changed. He could try changing to hypoallergenic versions of those things, all free and clear is about the best for laundry soap, the 'no more tears' baby shampoo, and plain glycerine soap (try a craft store, you want the unscented, undyed kind usually comes in a big block) for shower and hand soap. For household cleaning, vinegar. Eliminating the foods that are most likely to cause allergies, and foods that are not prepared by him or someone who can tell him every ingredient used would be a good idea until food allergies can be eliminated (or confirmed). An allergist can test for the usual allergies, and food allergies, but other than that it's usually process of elimination, they don't usually test for chemicals or other environmental factors. He should also start keeping a diary of EVERYTHING he eats, drinks, activities, locations, etc. and when he gets the hives. It's likely that he is going to have to figure out what is causing the hives himself, unless something very obvious shows up on the allergy testing.

Second is that I've never heard of singulair being used for hives. Zyrtec yes, allergra or claritin sometimes, but not singulair. Perhaps they are using that for helping keep his airways open, but while it is approved for use for allergies, it's not usually the first choice. Hydroxyzine is good for the itching, and for nighttime better than benadryl since it lasts about 8 hours.

Good luck,


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