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Every thread on this particular topic has been closed but I wanted to put my $0.02 on the table. I, at this moment, am posting in the capacity of a layman. I don't claim that the technique described herein this particular post will be of benefit to anyone but myself and, quite frankly, I may even come to find that the technique described herein this particular post has been or could be harmful to me without my being aware. Don't try this technique.

I've had sinus problems since youth. I was the kid with a pocket full of tissues. Yeah. I've ruined some laundry. I am of the cohen persuasion so my nose is big and complex while being completely stiff and unbendable. Very cartilaginous--but with the high-grade cartilage. I'm not sure they make it anymore but it's durable if nothing else.

My septum deviates slightly such that my right nostril's capacity for airflow is reduced whilst my left nostril has its own airflow problems due to sinus infections and allergens (both causing localized inflammation complicated by increased mucus secretions which dry and can cause blockages) which mainly go through this (left) nostril since it's the one I rely on the most.

Well, darned if one "fine" day, my right nostril started hurting as if there was a zit on the inside of the septum. Not good. I even saw a green head. Bleh. Popped...gross green discharge... and I was done....

...except I wasn't done because the infection site continued to hurt and a few days later I woke up with an even bigger green head in the same place. Very sore and popped on contact. I realized that I probably had a S. aureus infection. Not cool. Pain and localized swelling persisted for 3 days.

On the fourth day (yesterday), I irrigated my nostrils with approx 1 mL/nostril of 3% H2O2. I also used a cotton swab soaked in H2O2 to "really get in there" where the scab was forming over the still-painful and inflamed infection. I did that twice yesterday. Very strange yet ultimately refreshing feeling to let your sinuses foam up for a few seconds then blow out all know.

Woke up morning. Clear sinuses (clear sinuses when I wake up? Is this a dream?). Swelling and pain gone. Have irrigated twice more today.

I will not irrigate with H2O2 any further. The infection is gone.


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