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You'll find many threads on vocal cord dysfunction both here and other places. If it were true paralysis, you wouldn't be able to talk...ever, but vocal cord dysfunction causes them to freeze up very suddenly so you can't breathe or talk. The spasms last for seconds even though it may feel like hours but I know with mine, I will eventually pass out if it doesn't break and it's at that point that the spasm breaks. But in the meantime, you start to turn blue and you cough and cough trying to get air out or in.....does this sound like what you have? You feel like you are choking and it won't stop.

My pulmonary doc considers it a second form of asthma as it is from spasms in the throat like asthma is spasms in the bronchii. But asthma meds don't help.

And yes, allergies can trigger it to happen as can a cold or for me, certain foods. Anything that makes the throat more irritated will trigger the spasms.

What I have used to treat it is very cold drinks when my throat is irritated to reduce swelling, numbing sore throat lozenges and oddly enough, bio-feedback techniques such as visualization of the vocal cords being open. I aggressively treat allergies and watch very carefully for food allergies. Once it happens, there is nothing to do but cough until it passes and even allow yourself to pass out to release the spasm. I go and sit down ASAP so I don't fall down. And I get ice water to drink once it passes. I'm getting good at knowing when it is getting close and can prevent the spasm before it happens.

Hope this helps.


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