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The final piece?
May 13, 2011
Before sharing my story, - I'm looking for the final piece of what could be the problem of my situation! :(

- Could it be Low Stomach Acid?:confused::confused::confused:
- Maybe Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)?:confused::confused::confused:

My situation sounds just like the title from one book - “I Was Poisoned By My Body “ (which is associated with LGS).
When I was 3 months old i cough pneumonia. I had antibiotics injections in order to cure pneumonia. And I developed bronchial asthma. At that time i couldn’t eat anything. I had to take the one and only food – natural barley grits. For about 3-4 years. I know that sound a lot, but I have outgrown my food sensitivities. (strongest ones like eggs still followed me to my 13s).
Then I started drinking milk in huge amounts – 2 liters per day (I couldn’t get breastfed at my early months, because of my allergies). So then I ate everything, loads of candies, chocolates, cakes, and normal food of course - soups, meat, potatoes etc. till i turned 16 years old. Then my mom cooked me mostly what i wanted at that time. I drank 2 liters of lemonade per day, ate a lot of pasta/rice + sausages meals, hot sandwiches. (and this was – almost a daily routine for me, for about 2 – 2 and a half years).
Later on my face started to suffer from acne/pimples (at this time a little eczema occurred on my finger). So I thought i can heal it with foods good for us – citrus/nuts/meat, but mostly citrus (all about these citrus healthy for acne sufferer foods i found out on the internet).
After I tried to heal acne on my own, i found myself in probably most difficult situation i ever had. Eczema had spread out all over my body (forehead, cheeks, finger, elbows, both legs(below the knees/front), Shoulders, chest). Then I took food intolerance test, which showed me allergy to almost everything in low level (1-15%). I started to avoid foods like citrus, wheat, dairy. And started to eat more healthier foods with no preservatives, broccoli, black bread, no sugar no sweets, more water. And I lost like 50-75% of my energy, I couldn’t train karate anymore so I had quit. Little by little i started to improve on my skin, but even when i eat good food, it makes my eczema to reappear. For example yesterday I had some sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, later i had an apple, then after some time a cucumber, and again later spinach. One of these foods made my eczema reappear, and Its definitely not spinach, cucumber.
Reappearing eczema mostly create new spots on my body. For example little eczema spot appears on hand where It never appeared earlier. Most interesting thing on my eczema now is that when i started to get eczema (that was 1 year and 4 months ago, on 2010-01) eczema appeared and disappeared in no time, like two days. Now if It appears, it stays for about a week or more.
Currently I eat spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, onions, spring onions, garlic, black bread with no yeast, brown/wild rice, rarely with rice i buy some good sausages with no preservatives, and I very rarely try barley grits. When i bought some probiotics, and took them 2 capsules per day, i felt a little improvement. This current diet also shows little improvement (bigger on my finger, lesser on my face). I even tried now drinking alkaline water, It may be helping me a little.
Over the past 4 or 3 months my face cleared up like 30% of my pimples. Also if i cook anything i use olive oil, i moisturize my face/skin with olive oil (extra virgin of course). When my eczema reappears (not triggers), i get some new pimples below my jaw. And those pimples are not acne like. They are sensitive, and feels different than acne ones. When eczema disappear (not fully, it never does fully disappear just like for 65%) those pimples gets inactive. But when it reappears new, sensitive ones comes out. Maybe Its related.

Also before I started my healing, during my culmination in sports I took a shot in trying to drink white egg (raw). (i was allergic to it the most in my early childhood) But friend said it was good for sports and etc. So i tried few cocktails, they were delicious, then i had with more eggs. And just after my last cocktail i noticed my face was all in spots, allergic reaction, i had to take strong medicine then.

I’m sorry for writing that much about me, but sometimes it may help for others to understand what could be the problem to that person. So after recent surfing on the internet, I believe i could be related to LGS. I was healthy for ~15 years, and i could have ate everything. If someone else thinks so to please email me or post here. I tried a lot of things, and willing to do anything to get rid of this allergies/eczema.

Maybe one of the mentioned factors at the very beginning of my post could be the final puzzle to my problem? :confused:

I'm 18 years old,
Thank you for your time – please email me or post here, if you have any info about my kind of situation. :wave:

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