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The medicine in the epipen is supposed to be clear and colorless.

You should use it if your lips or face are swelling and your throat is tight. Other symptoms of a severe allergic reaction include dizziness, maybe like you stood up too fast. (Part of anaphylaxis is a drop in blood pressure.)

If you aren't taking a daily antihistamine, you might want to carry one with you, so you can take it if you start itching or swelling.

Hay fever can indeed make your throat feel weird.

I suggest, if your lungs or throat feel tight, take a few slow deep breaths. In-two-three hold-two-three out-two-three, just that easy rhythm.

If I'm having mild asthma symptoms, that often helps, and if for whatever reason my inhaler isn't handy, it keeps me from panicking and making the asthma attack worse. If deep breathing doesn't help the chest tightness, though, then I know it's time for the inhaler.

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