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Hi, My son is 7 years old and has always had very sensitive light colored, skin. He is allergic to cat and pollen at a minimum. He has always drank large quantities of milk. He sunburns very easily.

For the last few years, he has had these dry coughing spells that come out of no where, expecially when he lays down to go to sleep. It is a constant, dry cough.

Generally, I find if I give him 2tsp of Zhrytec after the cough begins, it will stay away most of the night, provided he is not coming down with some illness.

Last summer (early summer), we noticed when he was playing outside with super soakers that he was breaking out with hives. It continued to happen more frequently whenever we was in contact with colder water. He seemed to be ok in warm water. So we brought him to an allergist, and although he passed the ice cube test, he was diagnosed with cold water urticaria. He was also given an epipen in the case that it got severe enough to cause anaphylaxis. Very scary and frustrating. He loves water.

This past winter he had a stomach virus followed by strep throat with absolutely no sore throat symptoms. The only reason we knew he had strep was because he started breaking out in a rash and hives, and still was not feeling well, so we returned to the doctor. He tested poisitive to strep. Let me also mention, he also has a possible allergy to amoxicillin.

When spring began I took him to the Dr again for his spring allergies which tend to be rather severe (swollen eyes, runny nose, cough, etc..) We began giving him a does of Singulair in the morning and 2tsp of Zhrytec at night when needed.

We have now stopped the Singulair after about 3 weeks or so. It really didn't even seem to do much for his cough.

Then about a week and a half ago, we went to a school function and my son suddenly started coughing again.. followed by hives in various parts of his body. We have no clue what could have caused such a reaction.. nothing unusual\different in his diet etc...

Now, all of a sudden, it also seems he is breaking out from warm water as well. On Memorial Day, he was fine for a time in a heated 82 deg pool, but later broke out in some hives.

Last night, he was coughing, and I placed him in a warm bath and he also started breaking out in more hives in his arm pits and what I would consider other warm parts of his body. (Please also note: My daughter is currenty on meds for strep which she was diagnosed with about 4 days ago.)

Has anyone seen anything similar to this, gone through something similar, or can give me some recommendation on how to work on preventing these hives? I have seen the post for more water intake and I plan to try that. I have also read different articles talking about gluten issues and cold water urticaria. My son did fail some initial blood test for gluten, but I guess that test is not definitive? He passed the 2nd test and was told he did not have a gluten allergy. He does eat hight amounts of grains etc.. and very limited fruits and veggies, as he is very finicky.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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