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So first off I'm posting for my girlfriend who in the last week has had what we thought at first was poison oak (maybe it is?!)

So about 2 weeks ago we went camping (my household,) and 2 of the 4 of us got poison oak (silly girls.) Well my girlfriend and I thought we were clear and free (I'm immune so I'm always clear and free :D) because a week had elapsed since camping.

So about 5 days ago she started itching, like she had a couple of mosquito bites and they looked as such too. Well the next morning she had quite a number more of them; maybe 10 little bug bites?

Well we still thought maybe we had mites or something so we cleaned literally everything, and got some ointment for the itchy spots. She'd like to note that the itching drives her "MAD."

The next day on her thigh around her bikini line she broke out into a small rash/bumpy sore area where the little red 'bites' had been. This is where we thought she must have gotten poison oak, maybe it was on clothes from camping and she did it in the wash and then spread it by itching?

Well skip forward to today, her legs where the rash is is swollen quite a bit and hurts immensely even to the slightest touch. She also has new little red spots appearing nearly every day. Sometimes they heal and go away, and sometimes they kind of "link" together with a thinner red line like connect the dots. It really looks like poison oak except it never hardened over or got crusty like it was healing.

Today is the first day she's had any blisters, and it's only a few very small ones on her giant swollen patch. She refuses to let me take her to a doctor and wants to wait it out. I would just as soon take her in and get a prescription of prednisone or something to help fight this off.

Things to note: We started a calamine lotion treatment as soon as we thought it was poison oak, and she has a bottle of benedryl itch creme she's been using. I also got her a box of Allegra 24 hour anti-histamine pills, and she's on her 3rd (going on 4th) day of using those.

To me, it looks like the swollen part 'might' be getting better, but the occurrence of new spots daily troubles me.

Please if anyone can diagnose this, let me know what information I can give if I've left anything out.

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