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Well to start off I'm allergic to basically everything: every tree, grass, pollen, dust, dustmites, all animals, hay, soy, raw fruits & veggies etc!

I've been on weekly allergy shots for almost three years (don't see a difference!) I take singulair and claritin year round every day. I actually developed asthma from my allergies.

I'm getting allergy tested again next week since it's been years and they said maybe it will help if they re-test me and re-make my allergy shot serum.

They also told me to not take claritin or benadryl for a week prior to my testing so I stopped claritin a few days ago. All my skin has been itching like crazy! I can't get a relief! My breasts, arm pits, thighs, butt cheeks, back, stomach especially, neck and arms itch so bad I'm miserable. I don't know what to do. I did eat strawberries last night and I've been even more itchy since.. I think my body got more itchy from the strawberries, I never get this itchy though. When I eat raw fruit or veggies my lips and tongue tingle and itch and my stomach and throat too, sometimes my lips swell, and I get under the skin bumps on my face. But I have to eat fruit and veggies especially being vegetarian.

Do you guys think it's from stopping claritin then eating fruit could cause me to itch so bad? Any baths I could take to soothe my skin or do you think it's an internal problem? I'm miserable D:
Cooking fruits? Doesn't sound very tastey!! I'm still so itchy today. I have a huge rash on my leg, it looks like a palm sized hickey that's the only way to explain it haha. My lips neck and face itch really bad today and I didn't even eat fruits at all today. My head is really itchy too it just feels like bugs are under my skin and crawling everywhere and in my nose it is so creepy. None of my animals have fleas either. I have rashes on my arms too. I don't know if this is from no claritin or it's serious. It sucksss.
Canned fruits don't really bother me as much, like those mandarians and peaches. Although I did open one up and it splattered on my and I had hives all over my chest.
My lips are swollen today and tingle and I haven't even had fruits or anything to t rigger anything

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