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Last year I was running from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Endocrinologist, cardiologist, ENT, acupuncture and finally a homeopath.

Symptoms were heart palpitations/PVCS
Pretty intense insomnia
A kind of head rush feeling in the front of my face, starts behind my nose and then sort of rushes through the rest of my head. Mostly when lying down.
An occasional feeling of anxiety in my upper chest/bronchial area.
The occasional sinus headache and fatigue, sneezing that goes with allergies.

I am horribly allergic to ragweed.

This all scared me to death last year. I though it was my heart but echo showed healthy heart. Went to endocrinologist and he wanted to do some invasive test for adrenal failure (I knew that wasn't it so never went back). ENT wanted to do some weird test where they put you in a pitch black room and maneuver your body around (thought that was a bit alarmist so didn't go back). Homeopath seemed to help with it with natural progesterone thinking it might be hormone related since I'm in my late 40s.

Then it all seemed to resolve around end of Oct, November for sure. Then I slept like a rock every night. Sleeping like I hadn't slept in years.

Flash forward to August of this year and it's all back again - exact symptoms! The heart palpitations aren't as bad, mild and sporadic unlike last year's constant and powerful heart palps. But the INSOMNIA! It's like my eyes won't relax in my head when I'm laying down. I'm tired but my eyes feel tense and I'm beginning to wonder if the pressure of my sinuses behind my eyes could be causing some kind of feeling that I'm interpreting as tension. Then that in turn does make me tense and then I can't sleep.

I have found one french study that found people who suffer from allergies are 36% more likely to suffer from some form of insomnia or sleep disorder.

Anyone out there have anything like this. I'm sure if I presented this to my doctor (even though this year is a carbon copy of last year so I suspect ragweed as the culprit) the doctor will most likely have me running around like a crazy person from doctor to doctor again with no answer.

Any experiences similar would be welcome. My gut is telling me it's my allergies and for some reason mine affect me neurologically like black mold does to some people, affecting them in other ways than the standard sneezing, stuffy, itchy eyes thing.

Thanks for any help!!
I can't understand how they affect my brain so much. I am really having a hard time sleeping. It's as if something is stimulating my brain and it just won't tip over to sleep. Last night I took some benadryl before bed to help fall asleep and with my allergies. I fell asleep around 10:30 and woke up around 11:15 but felt as though I had been sleeping hours. I thought my clock was wrong because, even though I still felt tired and drugged, I felt as though I had been sleeping for hours.

Then I couldn't fall back to sleep. I did fall asleep for another hour then awake again. Then I fell asleep only to wake up around 2:15 and got up and sat on the couch with the cat for awhile trying to relax. Oh, my heart pounded a hundred miles a minute for a few minutes till I drank water and tried to relax with the cat on the couch. I think I dozed on and off till I had to get up at 6am. So probably 4-5 hrs of sleep.

This happened exactly the same way last year. The insomnia got pretty intense as September wore on. And I'm seeing it happening again. And even if I feel I can fall asleep, I might start getting that head rush/fizzing feeling in my face and forehead which sort of startles me awake. Then that goes on for awhile probably creating flight or fight hormones and then sleeping becomes impossible.

It's driving me crazy because I have no answer and feel like I won't ever get an answer because it is so weird and not common to allergies. But I almost feel like my allergies affect me like that toxic mold does to people, it really messes with my brain and neurological system creating a kind of keyed up feeling.

I really hate this. I would so rather deal with sinus headaches or daytime fatigue if I could lay down in bed, clear headed and sleep. If this follows the pattern of last year like it has been for now, I won't have relief till the end of Oct or beginning November. Unless the allergy relief center helps. If not, I will go to another allergy specialist and see if they can help me. I've GOT to be able to sleep! Last year was brutal, just brutal not being able to sleep. And once it was gone, it was gone and I slept like a rock. That sure was a nice 9 months while it lasted.

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