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I sympathize with you!!!
I have severe indoor allergies--(dog, cat, dust, mold) and moderate outdoor allergies. My dust mite test was off the charts, they couldn't even measure it. The highest is 20, so they marked me as a 20++++++. The nurse freaked out when she saw my arm with the huge welt where they put the tester in.
My doctor said it would take about 5 years of shots to make a dent in the dust allergy. I have been getting shots for 2.5 years.
I have no carpet!!! We put in laminate everywhere. I have a steam mop for the floors.
Could you maybe talk hubby into just taking the carpet up in the bedroom? Carpet is really the worst for dust mite allergy. EVery step you take raises an invisible cloud of dust mite dander into the air.
Best thing I can advise on the carpet is frequent vaccuuming with a vaccuum that has a HEPA Filter. I would avoid frequent shampooing of the carpet---just lots of vaccuuming.
No curtains, and very few throw pillows in my house. I like to air the throw pillows outside in the sun, vaccuum them in a garbage bag, or freeze them every so often.
Leather couches----I had to bite the bullet and get them! They made a HUGE difference. Huge.
My husband has very mild allergies, but he has been fairly patient with me. He saw what a difference some of these changes made for me and he goes along with it. It helps that he sometimes goes to the doctor with me and hears from the doctor how sick severe allergies can make someone.
I don't sneeze with my allergies--I go straight to migraines, sinus infections and joint pain. It took ages to diagnose, since I didn't have the classic 'runny nose and sneezing' symptoms.
I hate to tell you this, but we have separate bedrooms!!! It really works out well for us. He can have his sloppy dusty doggy room, and I get my clean dust free hospital-like room. Your husband needs to be more educated in allergies and the misery that it causes.

Things in my allergy arsenal:
Eucalyptus esential oil
Ladybug steam cleaner
Eureka floor mop steamer
Ultimate Cloth dusting cloths
Air Cleaners
Large upright freezer
Washing machine with an allergy cycle(water heated to 170 degrees)
clear plastic trash bags(to store clothes or any other dusty things)
Glassed in bookcase
Air mattress instead of conventional mattress
Air sanitizer
Neti pot

When we can afford it(???), we will be getting AC with an air cleaning unit

I have just stopped taking claritin and benadryl as they have been doing absolutely nothing for me. I started taking a butterbur/feverfew supplement instead. We'll see how that goes.

Good luck to you; I know this isn't easy with your husband!
Aww girlcat thanks for giving me that list and info....I am so confused as to how this popped up in my life...I always had carpet, and everything I am living with now...but now it's different...maybe older...maybe hormones adjusting...but, this has been a life lesson, on how other's treat you when you need to have them to just be there with you....a big lesson...

I do have leather in my main living area....but a cloth chair, I never sit in...I got a sleep number bed, that has very little fabric on it....but got that for comfort....I just did get the steam type mop for my kitchen and baths...just today!

Sadly for me, I think the writing is on the wall, and I won't be sharing a living space with someone who is so uneducated in the ways of I most likely will get through this period of time and set the proceedings as my health's kind of a no win situation....we have neen married too long for me to re-educate him, all I can hope is that he is consumed by a large dust mite one day....

I have had no one else mention the symptoms of joint pain when talking about allergies until you just mentioned it...I also don't have those runny nose symptoms, mine is just sneezing....when the afternoon hits, and the heat is higher as today, the calf and ankle/foot pain is absolutely a deal breaker....I can live with a little stuffy nose, but the joint pain is debilitaing...the reason I have been so confused by these symptoms and thought it might not be allergy related was because of the med boxes that describe mainly runny nose....nothing about fatigue, so I am thinking that if my nose is dry, maybe I don't need these it has gone on since 08 with me not having any good reliable info....

I have heard about oil of oregano as a good way to deal with nasal allergies...there is a lot of reading out there on it...I use tea tree oil in my neti pot....and I have seen a difference in how the rinse goes....I also started using a product called "friendly flora" and "Lysine" an immunity builder from a company that I like ..Procaps labs...their supplements and vitamins do not have additives....I have a hard time just taking anything...

How do you use the eucalyptis oil? and have you ever been tested for mold allergies? I happen to have one in my house right now, which is why all of this has gotten extremely bad both emotionally and's not a huge area, but apparently enough to have caused me problems....

I have an Oric vacuum cleaner that is supposed to have a hepa filter....but my husband just told me the other day, he didn't know where the filter was to change it...odd, since he is very mechanically oriented....I have an Austin air purifier....which by now, most likely has mold in it....I do not have de-humidifiers..which I know the BR needs....there are a lot of common sense things I need to live a better life, but, my husband sees just dollars and no sense....or maybe it's a just a non caring quality ....It seems like whenever I learn of a new product that could help me, it is harder and harder to get him to understand why I would need it...he makes life very difficult for me, and we all know how emotions and sinuses are connected...

I do feel like a burden to him at this point...financially dependent....and not knowing where to go for help...except the doctor, where the only option is allergy injections and a prayer they work...thank you for your help in that info...I am writing it all down...

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