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Ok so I'm from the Boston area & the last 48 hours my allergies have flared up like ive never seen, I can't breathe through my nose my ears feel "plugged" like they need to pop post nasal drip & a ton of sneezing (I hardly ever sneeze). But in the past 6 weeks or so sometimes my throat burns so bad it feels like someone just poured acid down it, I remember the first time it happened I was like "mom what the heck is wrong with my throat it burns like no ones business!" I've read that there is an uncanny connection between sinus issues & this LPR or "silent reflux" (I never connected the 2 cuz I hadn't heard of LPR id only heard of gerd & I hardly ever get heartburn it was always higher up in my throat)

Always worst upon waking but have been noticeable all day the last few days. Although I don't like to take PPI's regularly, they work well, but so do nasal decongestants.

So maybe I just have LPR, but am just having a brief sinusitis episode at the same time, or are they related? How do I know the difference. Also, are there any nervine herbs that are known to cause congestion? I have been trying different ones such as kava root & valerian for severe anxiety & insomnia.

I take a zyrtec tab every morning.


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