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I need to check on this. My doctor now thinks it's allergic dermatitis. No particular reason to think so.

I keep getting a rash on my trunk. ONLY on my trunk. Rarely upper arms and upper thighs. Rarely on my buttocks and groin area. Usually above the waist. Extends to the neck.

This rash appears if and only if I don't shower for two days, except in hot weather, when it appers if I don't shower atleast once a day. NOT, it only appears when I don't shower for two months. When I don't shower for two days. It clears up the day after I bathe or the next day, temporarily. It's a bigger problem when it's hot, and I sweat heavily. But it's also become a serious problem in cool weather. The photos I've linked to were the result of not showering for three days in cool weather.

I wear only white cotton underwear; white cotton full briefs, and a white v-neck cotton t-shirt. I ALWAYS wear them. I wash them in sensible quantities of hypoallergenic, unscented detergent, bleach, and hot water, with extra rinse, and dry on hot in the dryer. I change my underpants every day and my shirt when I shower. The rash is never below the waistband of my pants, and rarely under the wasteband of my pants. Anything on my clothes I was going to react to should cause a reaction when I put it on, not two or three days later.

This problem began abruptly at menopause and I've never had it before. It originally was only a problem in hot weather.

At present it covers a much smaller area of my trunk. Sometimes many of the dots are colorless, especially in hot weather. They never ooze unless broken and never have puss or anything but clear fluid in them.

Treating it for scabies caused the problem to temporary clearly up, but it came back. Some odd skin problems I had before I treated for scabies went away and never came back. I do have housemates, and if we are passing scabies back and forth the problem will recur until eternity.

Doctor insisted it looked like scabies, but now he insists it's allergies. Probably to an animal.

Only animal in my house is my budgies. They stay in their cage. They don't ride around in my clothes next to my skin, nor sleep with me.

Patch testing with my laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner didn't cause any reaction.

An allergic reaction to shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, or laundry detergent should appear after I bathe or put on freshly washed clothes, not selectively appear only when I didn't bathe for two days.

Acne cleanser with salicylic acid and acne cleanser with essential oils both help. That wouldn't make a difference if the problem were allergic. It could make a difference if the problem was any sort of infection, and possibly if it was scabies.

Scabies mites have a life cycle, and their population increases when the eggs hatch. This takes two days from when they were laid. Then it drops. Normally a healthy adult with scabies has ten mites on their body. I think that the allergic element to scabies mites is their poop. Possibly also their saliva. At a certain point young mites have to leave their burrows and move around on the skin looking for mates, so they're vulnerable to being washed off.

I'm allergic to dust mites, a bunch of molds, cats, and a bunch of pollens, and sulfa drugs. I have sensitive skin, but no skin allergies. I have never had contact dermatitis, except from poison ivy. I have never had allergic dermatitis, except poison ivy, and, besides also setting off a bout of asthmatic bronchitis, that only struck where the poison ivy made contact, not some protected part of my body. I have had hives twice; once from taking sulfa drugs, and once during menopause for no apparent reason. Hives are large flat spots that blanche and look completely different from this.

Now, I'm just checking. Does this sound like any sort of an allergy?

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