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I am a 62 year old, healthy female who began having the itchy arms problem about a month ago. My arms started itching day and night, almost non-stop. although there was NO RASH. I scratched them until they had little irritated whelps that were bleeding from scratching them so much! Anyway, I read the older "closed" thread on this site regarding this issue and ruled out several possibilities, leaving a few ideas to try. Someone suggested that a Vitamin B12 deficiency could be causing the itchy arms, so I decided to give the idea a try.
The other suggestion was to use witch hazel to soothe the itch. After taking 100 mcg of vitamin B12 at night and spraying my arms with witch hazel a couple of times a day, my itchy arms are now 98% under control! It probably took a week or so before I really noticed a difference. I poured the witch hazel in a small spray bottle and just spray it on my arms when I get dressed in the morning, then rub it on with my hand and pat it dry. (It smells a little strange, but I asked friends at work if they notice the smell and they said they don't.) I also do the same thing at night before I go to bed. I guess I will keep using the witch hazel for a while and then leave it off and see how it goes. The same with the Vitamin B12. I think it is supposed to give you more energy anyway!!!
Hope this helps someone else out there!!!!!

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