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Here's my story...I hope you will stick with me cause I do have a concern.

I have always been sensitive to bug bites, however allergies other than the occasional itchy eye has not been a really bad problem. In the fall of 2009/2010 which was my Senior Year of college I developed a head to toe rash out of no where. It started to show after fall break. The weird part was it would show in the morning, and then disappear, and then at night around like 10 or 11, and then by morning it would be gone, but then start all over again. I was in a room all by myself but had a suite mate attached with a bathroom in the middle of the two rooms. My major in college which might play a role was Equine Studies. Anyways, she suggested I wash all my sheets and clothes. We did...however that didn't seem to slow the rash down. The rash too covered my arms, legs, and face. my chest and abdomen weren't affected. Went to the doctor and was prescribed prednisone. After finishing the prednisone the rash never came back.

Might not seem too horrible, however at summer camp working as one of the camp directors I was diagnosed with bronchitis. Not too bad.

Later in the year of 2010 I noticed after being at home and having graduated playing on the wii in our downstairs family room with those just dance games would bring about some respiratory problems. Not 10 minutes after playing the game for the night I would start to cough. It is one of those coughs where you can't stop to even catch your breath. Then the wheezing starts...I can feel my chest tightening and obviously hear the wheezing. I'm sure my parents could hear it from their bedroom when I was in the upstairs living room and their bedroom is probably 30 feet away. It would stop about 45 minutes to an hour later. I do have pets.. 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Took a trip out to Maryland for a possible job opportunity and was staying with my aunt and uncle. came back from the barn interview and my hand swelled to twice its size. I took a close look and there was a bug bite mark, but the funny thing is I never recall being bitten. I took 2 benadryl and by morning the swelling went down but you could still tell my hand was swollen.

Finally established a physician since college ended in late autumn and told him about my symptoms. He prescribed Singulair which for me getting refills is tough even with my company health insurance. Paying loans and bills. He gave me 5 refills and I've been trying to keep them filled, but again financially it's tough.

2011 winter comes around and I schedule an appointment because I was having coughing fits to where I couldn't catch my breath. I was outside at the time and had to go inside to get my breathing under control. He told me that it was bronchitis. I asked if I should carry around an inhaler just in case and he said that it wasn't a bad idea. So I now have an inhaler to use in case my coughing gets real bad. Seems to help in addition to the Singulair.

With all of the new symptoms of allergies and such I am at a loss and even more frustrated with which direction to take. Do I go see an allergist, or do I keep up with my family doctor....I really don't want to keep playing this game of when the next allergic attack will be since I've never ever had a problem like this before and I've never had a severe asthma like attack, or even been diagnosed with asthma. Also I am coughing again and I was diagnosed with bronchitis a month ago...Could it possibly be bronchitis again....I sure hope not....

I feel like I'm at the end of my rope and stuck with what to do. See my parents aren't exactly supportive in the medical is a nurse and dad was a I get no help or information from them because they think I'm hypochondriac. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this really long post and hanging in there with me. Again any info you can give me I would be most grateful!

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