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Hi guys,
I usually post over on the ENT board, but decided to come over here to see if you guys have been having similar issues. Here's the story:
I got a cold back in january that never seemed to go away. Blocked my left ear up too. The dr's called the cold a sinus infection and treated it with many antibiotics, which didn't do anything. I was completely frustrated, so I ended up seeing an ENT who wanted to do allergy testing on me. I've always had seasonal allergies, but never year round ones that I knew of. Long story shirt, I tested positive for 22/37 allergens. Mold, ragweed, dustmites, trees, grasses, dogs, the list goes on. Started allergy immunotherapy about a month and a half ago. This ENT believes that the cold aggravated my allergies, causing the ear problem. I don't know, so I'm asking you guys. Do any of you who have significant environmental allergies also deal with clogged feeling ears? I have no fluid in them, they just don't seem to want to equalize pressure properly. The technical term is eustachian tube dysfunction.

Hoping I'll hear from some of you here so I can get a better idea of what could be going on. Thanks!

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