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Hello, I wake up every day with a congested nostril (the side I sleep on), while the other one remains open. I feel very tried and completely unrefreshed. I also used to wake up to the slightest noise, but now I snore and it's harder to wake me up.

Tests have shown that my lungs are clear, I had had a sinus infection, and got treated for it. Oxygen was 94, but now it's 99. I took theophylline (theosol), butaline, matador (to treat sinus infection), and xyzal (I replaced it with claritine later on), then my Dr. decided to continue the treatment with a nasal spray (contains steroids) and aerius, but I found out that my allergy symptoms have returned and these did not work (even after I finished all the prescribed dose). I am supposed to go and see my dr. now, but I am reluctant as I feel that he should have directly ordered allergy tests since day 1. I asked him if it might be food allergy and he replied that since my chest is clear and the allergy is in my nose, then it is highly unlikely to be food allergy, but rather environmental allergy. I always feel tired especially after waking up and this drags until late night when I start feeling better, but my nose feels stuffy and dry for the whole day. Very rarely I might be able to force some sort of a thick blob of wet mucous out of it. My wife also tells me that I look pale and my eyes are dim. I do get clear mucous as well but it's not runny and the volume is little, instead I feel that something is stuck inside but I cannot reach it or get rid of it.

Other than that, I wear lots of perfume and I do spray on my face a bit, I have stomach problems sometimes (but lately I am not getting any noticeable reflux; I know it can be silent reflux sometimes though). I eat everything, but sometimes some foods irritate my throat. My room does not get any sun. Also I don't feel this is seasonal, but it seems to get slightly worse sometimes.

I have also done septoplasty turbine surgery (3 surgeries at once, but I don't know the names very well, one invovled the cartiledge, the other was for polyps, and a third for nasal pockets maybe).

So what do you think this is? Should I do allergy tests?

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