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Like most people in England, I've been suffering really badly from hayfever (pollen allergies) this year - it's been going on for months now, with sneezing, itchy eyes, and a lot of mucus.

However, the sneezing seems to have died down now, and I'm not bunged up (though still producing some quite runny snot - nice!), but for the last couple of weeks I've been feeling absolutely exhausted - exhausted to the point where I've almost wanted to cry because I've felt so tired. I've also experienced dizziness, sinus headaches, and just a general feeling of being weak and unwell. My sinuses, though not blocked, feel a little swollen, and I get puffy eyes, especially in the morning - could this be an infection brought on by the bad hayfever? I know if sinuses are blocked it can cause dizziness and fatigue, but mine don't feel that blocked - I don't have a stuffed up nose - although maybe they've been damaged? I'm taking Otrivine sinusitis spray, and vitamin B12, but can anyone suggest anything, or suggest what might be wrong?

Would really appreciate it, thank you :)

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