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Hi all , some of you know me from my many posts this year as I tried to figure out my problems. Below I listed all my symptoms and now after extensive( and expensive) allergy testing, it seems most if not all are caused by my allergies.The test I had done was the blood test panel including gluten at a cost of 2200.00$ Canadian.My allergist proposed this because of my insurrance and because of how desperate I was. This test is by blood at molecular level and is the most accurate possible. Below my symptoms are tips and explanations my allergist explained to me that may also help you. Symptoms Since March some came and went: post nasal drip, muscle tension and lots of knots(trps),sore throat ,tight throat,facial swelling/pain/pressure,facial muscle tightness,upper back tightness and muscle pain,chest tightness,Dizzyness,eustachian tube dysfunction,eyes sensative to light,sometimes almost felt like I was gonna have a mini seizure, acid reflux, dry mouth, light wheezing,ear aches,tight neck, I did not have runny nose, red itchy eyes because I was a full few steps heavier than that and honestly would have preferred itchy eyes,runny nose.Also jaw pain,tingling teeth/ pain,lung membrane hurt to the touch Allergies: 4/5 dust mites both panels, Soy,pollen,tree pollen, to. Lesser degree apples,peanuts,hazzkenut. TIPS&EXPLANATIONS from DOCTOR: Soy causes- sinus pain/swelling bad,tight throat,digestive problems,muscle tension pain and joint pain,brain fog. Dust mites cause : sinus pain/ pressure/facial pain pressure, wheezing, tight chest, breathing problems, reflux, dry mouth, post nasal drip, Dizzyness,eye pressure sensativity,hay fever symptoms etc and skin problems. I asked him how much soy I can ingest to not get a reaction and simply put 0 was the answer . You can eat barely anything or tons and all symptoms can occur with same intensity it's the length of time it stays in effect that is based off how much you eat. I did tests and after 4 days of nothing but fruit/ veg water and chicken ( no soy) I went to get my usual massage for my back.......0 knots.Im serious nothing not one anywhere, no pain even I couldn't believe it!! Lastly for the dust mite sufferers out there I just started immunotherapy for dust mites/ pollen/ trees and its the drops under tongue method. At a cost of 645 every 120 days for 3 years its pricy but it has a higher success rate than injections.So if your insured well I'd opt for it.Did the first one today and although I feel like crap because of it, within 6 months you should see a huge improvement. Dust mites to me is worse than the soy allergy simply no relief ever!!! If you have further questions feel free .OH and please don't go off my symptom list without seeing your doctor first like I did, always be safe.I had 7-8 blood tests,mris,X-rays ,ENT visits before getting to this point. Just so you don't run off to get allergy testing before covering the basics

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