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I agree that Zyrtec is a good choice for a daily antihistamine. If he has a reaction, he can also take benedryl, even if the zyrtec is in his system. (I've had reactions before that were similar and this was the advice my pharmacist gave me.) Some antihistamines come OTC, especially children's versions. You could ask a pharmacist to recommend the proper strength if that is all you can find.

I agree that your husband should have a rescue inhaler with him. For severe allergies, he should also be carrying an Epi-pen. It can open an airway long enough to get emergency treatment if the airway starts to close up.

It is the dander in the household that is the problem. Even with frequent cleaning, the dander of cats is 'sticky' and can take months of thorough cleanings to completely be removed from a house even after the cat is gone. I have cat allergies that aren't quite as severe. (I've been on allergy shots for over 5 years.) When I go visit my parents, I'm in a guest room that is closed off from the cats all the time and they wash all of the bedding immediately before I arrive. They also vacuum and shampoo all of the carpets and upholstery before I visit as well.

The dander will be on your clothing so it might be wise to change outside the room to keep from having it 'contaminate' your bedding.

Honestly though, if he has trouble breathing, this is a serious problem. There is a chance that his responses will get worse and come on quicker if his allergy is that severe.

I know you don't want to hear this, but a hotel may very well be a good option in this instance.

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