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Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone else is having anything like this, I have been having this reoccurring rash/hives since about a week prior to Easter. It usually starts as itchy little red dots (raised) all over my feet and non itchy flat spots on the palms of my hands. Then blotches of hives/rash will appear in different areas usually in a spreading motion but sometimes sporadically. These spots are raised and usually don't itch but sometimes will. This is a daily occurrence. I haven't changed any fabrics, soaps, come into contact with anything different. They happen at all times of the day and will last for up to 48 hours. They come at home and at work. I orig. thought this was a thyroid issue so I also posted something in the thyroid section. I did got to the doctor and he said it was highly unlikely that it was thyroid and that only very specific illnesses cause spots on the palms of the hands such as syphilis and lupus, I was tested for those and those were negative. I would appreciate any input! They are very unsightly and the ones I have all over my legs right now do itch. Claritin, benadryll and zyrtec and hydrocortizone cream do not help.THANKS!

Tests I have had done:
Measles/Mumps/Rubella Immunity
Panel 083824
Antinuclear Antibodies Direct
Sedimentation Rate-westergren
C-Reative Protein, Quant

According to the doctor I tested negative/normal for everything :confused:

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