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Back on February 22 of this year, I was eating a can of mixed nuts. Admittedly, it's the first time I've bought nuts in a long time. As excited as I was to essentially remember they exist and then plan to eat them as the missing snack I've been looking for, I had what I can only assume to be an allergic reaction. I'm thankful I made sure to record the following notes at the time:

no food since 10
mixed nuts & green hug barrel, 4:30-5 (i do enjoy and eat slow)
5-5:15 reaction begins
throat swelling
fast heart rate
ear ringing
weakness, tremor, mental weakness/fog
chest pain
(my usually already cold) feet much colder

I was sent for an allergy test, and I honestly don't fully understand the results of my test. The doctor said I have no allergy, but the paperwork he sent me home with said "blocked skin test", while during the interpretation of the test, the lady who administered it was concerned about the results and he simply remarked that I have sensitive skin. I didn't see the reaction for myself. I asked my regular doctor what happened, then he scratched my arm, observed, and said I have too much antihistamine, prescribed Claritin. When I asked why that would cause a reaction when I have no allergy, he said maybe the nuts scratched my throat on the way down, aggravating the release of histamine.

My throat has not felt right since. I feel a lot of tension in my neck. Sometimes my throat feels swollen, usually with a dull swelling feeling, but it does fully look and feel fine according to my doctor. From time to time it seems to get worse in reaction to eating, but when it happened while eating the same pasta I always eat, I just shrugged it off and figured it's not to the pasta, and whatever, I'm hungry... I'm still afraid to eat more than just a very few nuts.

I haven't had the energy to fight this. Both the doctors I've seen have managed to ignore my issues (although at least I'm a step away from a CT scan for chronic sinusitis as well... there's a neverending intense pressure in my head that is minorly comforted by sinus massage and I have inflammation). I feel left to figure it out all on my own. Me with no energy. Me who is just trying to get diagnosed to go on disability before I fully run out of money because, while I do have good days, I have many, many bad days. Feeling good 30% of the time has been really difficult to maintain even. I'm only even managing to post this because I'm feeling a bit better after a few days of some supplements. (I've felt unwell off and on for a few years prior as well.)

My answer may be simple. It's probably simple and I've felt unable to chase it any further. But even if it's a dumb or obvious suggestion, I appreciate all reminders. My memory isn't with me anymore either.

I have tons more "problems" I can give if anyone has any ideas, but I don't want to make this much longer. Thank you for staying with me this far and sharing your thoughts!

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